We’re experienced

Our team has extraordinary depth and breadth of experience in virtually all areas care for older adults, adults with physical limitations and mentally ill Clients of any age. Combined we have 80 years of expertise.

We’re supportive

We get to know our Clients on a personal level, provideWe Are Supportive Innovative and Connected individual attention and are available to thoughtfully intervene in their care and any concerns they or their loved ones may have. We regularly monitor our  Clients’ care to review and ensure the quality and effectiveness of each service provided.

We’re innovative

We go beyond the basics to coordinate a variety of services and options. We have the experience and ability to forecast both current and future needs to ensure a safe and comfortable environment now and as transitions occur.

We’re connected

We can connect our Clients to our extensive network of professionals, including medical specialists, attorneys, financial experts, relocation experts, and other health care and related service providers who will help maintain the continuity of care. These contacts are individuals and organizations with which we have worked with for many years. AZA has the utmost confidence in their quality of service and care.

We’re your advocate

We work for our Clients and their loved-ones to achieve the very best outcome. We are not influenced by any third-party organization or facility. We advocate for the optimum care available, creating a plan that is both personalized and in the best interest of our Client.

We’re responsive

We are always ready to help make adjustments and present a new or updated Care Plan as needs change. For AZA, the concept of continuum of care is a deeply rooted value and we work promptly to assure that change is efficiently executed while preserving the dignity of our Clients. We are always available for consultation and in the case of emergencies we are on call 24/7.

We’re committed

Our  Care Managers are determined, compassionate and leaders in their field. They are able to recognize clues that may only be visible to our skilled professionals. Our Care Managers can quickly put in place the highest quality services, reducing the risk of hospitalization and emergency care. Family assets can be preserved, costs can be controlled and quality of life maintained with AZA’s expert services and knowledge of resources. AZA also understands how difficult it may be if loved-ones live at a distance and we pay special attention to provide accurate and timely reporting to long-distance caregivers. AZA’s values, ethics, skills and high standards for excellence are unparalleled in the Care Management industry.

Compassionate Care. Unparalleled Results.