Care Management

Our Approach

AZA offers an interdisciplinary team of Care Managers with vast resources.

Our Client assessments include physical, cognitive and social function.  We take into consideration family, home environment, safety and all other information we can garner in order to properly assess the Client. Our Interdisciplinary Team ApproachOur screening process helps to determine if our Clients are at physical risk and to what extent they may be suffering from any mental health problems such as depression, substance abuse and any other health issue or chronic illness.

With this information, we develop short and long-term Care Plans for appropriate support services, whether at home, moving in with a loved-one, an alternative housing community or a skilled nursing or rehabilitation facility. AZA can also make referrals to our trusted network of third party professionals, including legal and financial advisors.

Once decisions are made, AZA can coordinate all aspects of our recommendations and referrals, from living accommodations, in-home and out-of-home support systems and medical services. We can also monitor our Clients’ care to ensure the quality and efficacy of any or all services.

AZA sensitively and intelligently advocates for our Clients and their families, with the caveat that maximum consideration will always be given to concerns of safety, well-being and dignity for our client.

Of course, the ultimate goal of “Our Approach,” is to improve the quality of life for all of our Clients.

Compassionate Care. Unparalleled Results.